the bus that moves - from 1948 for events of all kinds

Who is behind the project

Thomas Aebischer, born in Murten in 1964. Has worked at SBB for 42 years, most recently 25 years in Human Resources management. You can reach him at
He has a flair for old, beautiful vehicles that are worth preserving, which is why he completed the B1 boatmaster's examination on the historic passenger ship "MS Murten", built in 1925 ( He also works as a photographer (

The "" association

The project is organized within the framework of an association.

The purpose of the association is the restoration, maintenance and operation of the GM-PD 3751 Silversides bus, built in 1948, with chassis no. 1321, for all types of use.

Why an association? Sponsors are needed to finance the restoration. They are more willing to support a non-profit association than a private individual. In addition, an association ensures the continued existence of the bus.

The bus will also be made available to NPOs and charitable organizations. For example, to make their products known to a wide audience. As a kind of mobile pop-up store

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