the bus that moves - from 1948 for events of all kinds

What is no longer "original"

Due to Swiss road traffic legislation, the following had to be adapted:

Vehicle part


Indicator lights, front and rear

Changeover to orange flashing lights

Indicator lights, additional

Due to the length of the bus, additional flashing lights had to be fitted to the sides in front of the front wheels

Daytime running lights

Installation of 2 small daytime running lights between the normal headlights and the fog lights

Headlamps, front and rear

These headlamps are not permitted in Switzerland in terms of color and are not permitted when driving 


An electric horn had to be installed for the MFK, as the original air horn had been removed

Door lock


Installation of a door lock. Originally, the bus had a kind of "central locking system"


Replacement of the old starter motor, as this was "end of life" and burnt


Replacement of the two main headlights