the bus that moves - from 1948 for events of all kinds

The history of the bus

The bus was put into service in 1948.

It was one of nine units delivered to Northland Greyhound Lines, Minneapolis, Minnesota in September 1948. Serial numbers 1314-1323 were assigned to fleet numbers N789-N798. It can therefore be assumed that our Greyhound bus with the serial number 1321 bore the fleet number N796.

Here are some photos, once and now, of the former location of the bus
at 701 First Avenue North in Minneapolis, US state of Minnesota.

Einst im 1948

Einst im 1940

Today, the former bus depot serves as a theater and concert hall

In November 2006, the bus was shipped from Baltimore (Maryland) to xy (Europe), where it ......
(to be added. Research is ongoing...)

In 2010, the bus was transported from Holland to Switzerland on a low loader, where it served as an exhibition bus for the Wooster fashion label for several years. The seats were dismantled and put into storage.
Larag AG, Wil, carried out the work required for registration in the canton of Zurich. Among other things, the brakes were overhauled.

In 2016, the bus was driven to Petit Vivy on Lake Schiffenen in the canton of Fribourg, where it vegetated until February 2023.  Fortunately, it was always kept in good condition by the landlord.

On 13.02.2023, Thomas Aebischer drove the bus from Petit-Vivy to Kerzers (FR) to the company interBUS AG so that the restoration work could begin.

On 14.04.2023, the stored seats were found in Merenschwand

On 07.07.2023, the bus successfully passed the motor vehicle inspection as a "heavy motor vehicle", category sales vehicle, and is allowed to drive on the road again.

On 11.07.2023, the Greyhound received its new lettering in the original font.

On 21.07.2023, the bus received a major engine service at Helvetic Diesel GmbH in Wiler near Seedorf.

On 27.07.2023, exactly 75 years after it was first put on the road in the USA (27.07.1948), the bus went on an anniversary trip around Lake Murten, followed by a tour of the town of Murten.

On 4.9.2023, the bus was fitted with new tires. The old tires were not worn out, but had become so old that cracks were forming.

In the fall of 2023, the bus with the SoCo/Superate alpaca fashion label was on the road as an exhibition and sales bus in Solothurn, Zofingen, Neuchâtel, Murten and Fribourg.

Technical details of the bus as it was built in 1948


General Motors (GMC)


PD - 3751 Silversides


PD 3751-1321




37, exkl. Fahrer*in


1948, 1. Inverkehrssetzung: 27.07.1948

Anz. gebaute Exemplare



35 Feet        = 10.67m


96 inches    = 2.44m


118 inches  = 3m


264 inches  = 6.7 m


Detroit-Diesel, 6-71, 6-Zylinder 2-Takt   Diesel mit wassergekühlter Aufladung und 6969 cm3, 
4 Gänge ohne Motorbremse, unsynchronisiert


145 kW (197 PS) bei 2100 min


6A57333 / 671LA37C / P 387775


103 km/h


In Abklärung, vermutlich mehrere Mio


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